Let me be the first to say, I would much rather watch an NFL game on TV as opposed to the stadium. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING like tailgating with like-minded fans, smelling the decadent fast-food laden air of the stadium and going partially deaf as 65,000 Pats fans scream at every play. But there's no traffic to contend with in my living room, and I don't get kicked out for watching in my underwear- usually.

With that said, I popped over to Stub Hub this morning to try and find the MOST expensive ticket still available. Now, if you want to go on the cheap, the lowest cost ticket I could find wos $196 and change.. and that was in the nose bleeds. If you'd like to be in section lower sideline 112, row 2 and seat 3, that will cost ya $3,454.00 bucks. If you want to bring a friend along and get a pair, no problem! Seat 4 is open, too! That brings your purchase total of 2 tickets to approx $6,908.00.

If you want to spend that kind of money to sit close enough to smell Tom Brady's Axe Body spray, go for it. I'll spend the 6 grand on a couple'ah beers!

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