We all shop at Wal Mart. It's a huge part of our community but I noticed some peculiar recently and so did every body else.

Right now they are selling something peculiar. Wal Mart in Auburn norming sells Maine state clothing. Whether it be t-shirts with the state name or college and university shirts, they're always promoting Maine, because that's where we are.

However, many heads start to turn because they are now selling Connecticut t-shirts. Surprisingly enough, this got an incredibly strong reaction from shoppers and people online.

Someone posted this in a local Maine Facebook group with a photo, asking why they were selling these shirts.

The responses that the post received were pretty hilarious.

One commenter said,

I'm in Connecticut. I'll go see if they have any Maine shirts!

Another added,

At first I thought this was a “Connecticut Rocks Facebook Group”
I am guessing the Walmart truck delivery driver heading to Connecticut might have rerouted his trip to Maine or might just need to fix his GPS. This is Maine not Connecticut.
My favorite comment is,
I've been looking everywhere for a shirt like that!
 But why are they selling these shirts? Well, I don't know but one commenter has a theory,
I read a story about this on CNN, how Walmart (and a few other retailers) are slashing prices to get rid of overstock and how it may be a sign that inflation has peaked and/or is going to ease in the months ahead.
This could be why Wal-Mart is selling out-of-state shirts, because they have an over-flow of clothing and not enough buyers!

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