A young Maine boy is being hailed a hero after his quick-thinking actions likely saved his mother's life.

According to WGME 13, it was just another normal day at home for Brianna Ennam and her family. That is until she walked into her living room, coughed, collapsed, and began to have a seizure.

At that moment, Brianna's 7-year-old-son, Kade Giguere, knew he needed to do something to help his mom. Kade quickly grabbed the phone and dialed those three life-saving numbers, 911.

On the other end of the phone was Maine dispatcher, Darrin Hart. Darrin quickly began to ask all of the questions that new knew would get first responders to the scene as quickly as possible, WGME says.

WGME reports that Kade was unsure of his Auburn apartment number, so Darrin began asking him to look for the unit number any way he could, including searching through pieces of mail for the information. Finally, he found it. After securing the proper address, Darrin quickly walked Kade through how to do CPR until rescue crews arrived.

According to the news station, it only took first responders four minutes to arrive on scene from the time Kade was connected to 911 dispatchers, and, thanks to his quick-thinking efforts, it's likely Kade saved his mother's life.

“I don’t even know if I would be able to act that quick, but he handled it,” Ennam said. “And I can really say that I’m surprised. He’s an amazing boy.”

Brianna told WGME in part,

“Ever since he was born, I called him my little hero, so it’s so bizarre to me that he actually saved me. I wouldn’t have thought for sure that he would know exactly what to do and to be on top of things, but he did it, and I’m very proud."

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