It’s that time of year when we finally are starting to see some results from gardens both in your back yard and at commercial farm operations. Pick-Your-Own season is well underway and right now strawberries are at their prime and just about wrapping up but if you miss it head north that will buy you a few more weeks.  Here in Central Maine people are getting ready for the PYO raspberries and blueberries.

I get asked almost daily where is a good place to go to pick your own berries. 

So here is a list of  great places for you to take the family and get some of those delicious berries in Central Maine and Mid-Coast Maine.

Beaudoin Berry Farm - blueberries, raspberries,
45 Beaudoin Road, Clinton, ME 04927. Phone: 207-426-8131. 

Bessey Ridge Farms - blueberries,
359 Bessey Ridge Road, Albion, ME 04910. Phone: 207-509-0414. 

Chicks Apple and Berry Farm - blueberries, raspberries
571 Maine Street, Monmouth, ME 04259. Phone: (207) 441-6250. 

R and L Berry Farm - raspberries, blueberries, blackberries,
Readfield, ME.  Phone: 207-685-4709.

Richardson's Strawberry Farm - strawberries and red raspberries
Hinckley-Canaan Road (Route 23), Clinton, ME.  Phone: 207-453-2093. 

Steep Hill Farm - blueberries
26 Clyde Wells Road, Fayette, ME 04349. Phone: 207 685-4155. 

Sweet Season Farm - blueberries, raspberries
77 Liberty Road, Washington, ME 04574. Phone: 207-845-3028. 

Spear Farm & Greenhouse - strawberries, raspberry, blueberries
Route One, Warren, ME 04864. Phone: 273-3818

Stevenson's Strawberries - strawberries
Berry Road and Tucker Road, Wayne, ME. Phone: 207-685-3532.

Sand Hill Farm Organic Strawberries - Strawberries
Sand Hill Road, Somerville, ME. Phone: 207-549-5089. 

Berry Basket Farm - blueberries,
209 Valley Road, Norridgewock, ME 04957. Phone: (207) 314-5437. 

Bickford Blueberries - blueberries,
16 Bickford Drive, Fairfield, ME 04937. Phone: (321) 693-8929. 

Cray's Produce - strawberries and raspberries
Route 151, Palmyra, ME.  Phone: 207-938-2006.  

Reitze's Organic U-Pick Blueberry Farm - blueberries
159 Earthways Road, Canaan, ME 04924. Phone: (207) 426-8138.

Screamin Mimi's Perfect Pickins - blueberries,
364 West Front Street, Skowhegan, ME 04976. Phone: 207-474-2137. 

If you know of some places I missed, let us know!

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