According to WABI TV 5, several people have been arrested in connection with a Fairfield, Maine drug bust that happened last week.

The news station reports that the bust happened on Fairfield's Montcalm Street when police did a search of the residence. It wasn't immediately clear what caused police to do a search of the residence.

During the search, WABI reports that police located drugs inside. In addition to the drugs, police also found a firearm and cash on premises, WABI reported Tuesday.

Following the search, authorities took several people into custody on multiple charges.

WABI reports that police took 41-year-old Angel Surillo of Waterville into custody and charged him with two counts of trafficking drugs.

Police also took 40-year-old Kathryn Rice of Fairfield into custody. Rice was also charged on two counts of trafficking drugs.

Finally, police arrested 20-year-old Tyler Gomez from New York City. Gomez, like the other two, was charged with two counts of trafficking drugs.

Mugshots, Fairfield Drug Bust
Surillo,                                                   Rice,                                                                  Gomez

WABI confirms that the suspects are all being held at the Somerset County Jail. Gomez and Surillo are being held at the jail on $50,000 bail, while Rice is being held at the jail on $25,000 bail.

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