The US Coast Guard is back in the business of busting up ice, now that the cold temps are here to stay in Vacationland for another winter.

In this video posted to the US Coast Guard Northeast's Facebook Page, you can see a 65-foot small harbor tug, USCGC BRIDLE, breaking up the ice on the Penobscot.

The crew of the USCGC BRIDLE, a 65-foot Small Harbor Tug, have kicked off their ice breaking season on the Penobscot River in Maine.

The winter's cold temperatures impact every port, waterway, and harbor in the Northeast. To meet the many demands placed on them by the maritime community, icebreaking assets will be fully engaged throughout the Northeast. #opRENEW

The Northeast sector of the Coast Guard also recently posted this harrowing video of a rescue at sea off the Maine coast, reminding us all how important their mission is, and how well they execute it:

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