Let's be honest, Maine students are the best in the country. Are we a bit biased? Of course!

Hey friends, Matt James here, and this is where my children go to school. Well, Evan is in 8th grade at Windsor, Gavin is in Pre-K off-site in Somerville and Dawson is too young for school still.

At any rate, I have always loved both the community of Windsor and its school system. The school and students are always doing things that will leave both a positive impact on student minds and the world, too.

Just last week, the seventh and either graders got to go on a multi-night field trip to Maine's historic Camp Tanglewood in Lincolnville. And now this week several students were taking part in a project to plant about a dozen or so fruit trees on the school's property. And, even cooler than that, the Kennebec Journal was there to cover it. Windsor school recently found out it was going to be getting the orchard after applying for it a couple of years ago.

According to an excerpt from the Kennebec Journal Article, 'Richard Hodges, the founder and project manager of ReTreeUS, was on hand to help the students plant the fruit trees — two European pear trees, two Asian pear trees, three peach trees and four apple trees.'

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