Outside of New England, it's no secret the New England Patriots aren't the most popular team. Now, a new survey shows they're struggling in the last part of the country you'd expect.


Look close. You'll see TWO New England states who aren't rooting for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. That's right, DOS! According to Barstool Sports, Vermont and Connecticut will be cheering The Philadelphia Eagles. Barstool reported the data was collected from betonline.ag. They used data collected from Twitter to come to their conclusion. I don't know about you, but my Twitter feed is NOTHING but pro Patriots all season. Then again, I live in Maine. Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island are all on board for New England's team.

In a small way,  I understand Connecticut going for Philly. The folks in CT are likely still bitter from the Krafts deciding to keep what is now Gillette Stadium  in Mass. You may remember they were almost the Hartford Patriots. On the other hand, Vermont is a head scratcher. The Green Mountain states borders New York, and NY is Giants country. Giants fans are generally disgruntled, (for good reason) so I'll give them that, but they're far from off the hook.

Oh, and thanks for the love, North Dakota. We'll be sure to return the favor when you're team...well, never-mind. Pats fans appreciate the love!


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