According to WGME, a convoy of trailer trucks (and other vehicles) will roll passed Enoch McGovern’s window at Eastern Maine Medical Center at 10 AM on Saturday Oct. 27.  The goal?  Bring the 2 year old boy some joy!

Dump truck driver Troy Gamrat made a post on the Maine Diesels Facebook page soliciting other drivers to put together a benefit for Enoch.

Jason Perry, who runs the Maine Diesel FB page, took the idea of a convoy and ran with it!  He set up an event asking people to join them for the convoy.  Perry says they expect as many as 500 trucks, cars, bicycles, and other vehicles to join them for the convoy.

The staging area will be the Winterport Dragway.  Get all the details and more info about how you can participate at the Convoy For A Cause Facebook page

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