After seeing an increase in the cost of labor, and a decrease in business, the current owner of the two Dairy Queen stores in Waterville had considered closing the College Avenue location.

What made him reconsider?  The stories!

According to a Facebook post, since taking over those locations in 2016, he has been told hundreds of stories about how that store in particular impacted people's childhoods.  In the post, he said that if it (the post) got at least 1,000 likes he would give away 50 Blizzards, 10 Cakes and 2 Gift Cards ($20)

Looks like the location WILL re-open for the 2020 season.  At this point, barely six hours after the post went up, it has over 3,000 likes

Give yourself a pat on the back because, thanks to you, those traditions will continue!

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