In the small town of Unity, Maine, you will find rolling farmlands, ample fishing holes, and an Amish Michelin-star chef. 

Matthew Secich has cooked in some of the most prominent restaurants in America, but he always found himself discontent with the arduous lifestyle that came with it. So, Secich and his family converted to the Amish faith and joined an Amish community just outside of Unity. 

These days, Secich spends his time behind the counter of his artisanal shop, Charcuterie, feeding meat through a hand grinder and chatting easily with his customers. His store aligns with his Amish faith, with wood stoves, oil lamps, even a cooling room stocked with 80 tons of ice to keep the meat chilled. 

During this new chapter of his life, Secich has found greater peace and a renewed love for his craft. In an interview with Down East Magazine, he stated,

“With the charcuterie, we make a lot of friends, because we’re there to listen. I don’ t care if I sell anything. Being able to be a friend to somebody, I find a greater blessing in that than selling anything.”

So if you are up for a little road trip and a unique experience, check out Charcuterie. Both the conversation and custom meats are amazing.

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