So clearly, we will ALL be safe on October 31st.  There will be tons and tons of superheros among that's what seems to be trending as the top costume, of choice, for our tiny human population.  

According to an article in USA Today, here are the top 10 children costumes for 2K17

  1. Action/Superhero
  2. Batman (clearly he gets his own category)
  3. Princess
  4. Animal (Cat, Dog)
  5. Star Wars character
  6. Spider-Man (again, a category all to his own)
  7. Witch
  8. Marvel Superhero (excluding Spider-Man)
  9. Pirate
  10. Disney Princess (Not the same thing as a princess princess)

Glad to see there are no zombies, Mario, Elsa (she's in a separate category from Disney Princess) or Minecraft.

But really surprised not to see any Trolls, Minions, Smurfs or Emoji's.

My prediction for top 10 adult costumes for 2K17

  1. Sexy/Slutty Action/Superhero
  2. Sexy/Slutty Batman
  3. Sexy/Slutty Princess
  4. Sexy/Slutty Animal
  5. Sexy/Slutty Star Wars character
  6. Sexy/Slutty Spider-Man
  7. Sexy/Slutty Witch
  8. Sexy/Slutty Marvel Superhero
  9. Sexy/Slutty Pirate
  10. Sexy/Slutty Disney Princess

Whatever you choose.  Make  sure you BE SAFE!

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