With Halloween just around the corner, there is no better time to start planning out the perfect jack-o-lantern for all to see.

Here are a few important pumpkin carving tips to make an awesome jack-o-lantern that will stick around all the way until halloween.

  • First you need to choose a fitting pumpkin that is up to the task. Look for a pumpkin that has a deep orange color. Knock on the pumpkin, if it sounds hollow that a good sign.
  • Now determine if you want top cut open the pumpkin from the top or the bottom.  Starting from the base has many advantages, as it will make it easier throughout the entire process. Easier to empty the seeds, and easier to illuminate the pumpkin.
  • Next is scooping, pro tip, using an ice cream scooper to get out the seeds is quick and efficient.
  • Next is designing your perfect pumpkin, plenty of freedom here pick up a pumpkin-carving kits or paring knives (adults only) work very well. Design away.
  • Once you have made the perfect jack-o-lantern, now it is time to preserve it. You can prevent mold from growing and dehydration by simply lining in the carved areas with petroleum jelly.
  • Finally, when it comes to illuminating your pumpkin, stay away from using real candles. Use LED battery-operated tea lights for safety reasons and you can find them at the dollar store.

Happy Halloween!

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