Many people know that a child carrying a teal pumpkin on Halloween often means that they have a food allergy. And, in turn, some houses will leave teal-colored pumpkins on their porch to let those with food allergies know that they have non-edible treats to hand out.

Did you know the reasoning behind teal pumpkins on Halloween? If so, maybe you know what carrying a blue pumpkin on Halloween means.

If you're unfamiliar, I'll leave it to the amazing mom below to explain.

Trick or Treat....the BLUE BUCKET...if you see someone who appears to be an adult dressed up to trick or treat this year...

Posted by Alicia Plumer on Thursday, October 25, 2018


So, if you're passing out candy or taking your kids out for a fun night of trick or treating, keep an eye out for teal and blue buckets.

Also, If the 5 or 12 or 16 or even 19-year-old kid shows up dressed up this year, give them some candy. They are just trying to be kids while they can!

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