It is a meatloaf that is shaped like a foot. Perfect for Halloween or just to freak out your family any o'l day.  Add in a slice of onion on the top of the tibia as a cross cut section of the 'bone' and some smaller pieces of onion crafted to look like toe nails and you are almost there.  Now with some BBQ sauce or ketchup for blood and a nice knife and you are there.  Now from the story I was reading at there are some variation like using nuts for the toe nails so it would look more "monster like", or maybe celery as toenails and I was thinking if you had the right sized soup bone you could use that as the bone coming out of the top.

BONE APPETIT!  (hehe, see what I did there,  bon appetit, bone appetit)

Here is the basic idea for feetloaf at 12 minutes in as well as zombie meatloaf and lots of other creepy eats:

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