I had no idea polio still existed.


The Portland Rotary Club has been for years trying to end polio worldwide. If you don't know, polio is a devastating disease that has killed hundreds of thousands of lives, and left millions with lifelong health effects. Since 1979, Rotary International has been leading the charges to promote access to immunization and treatment, and finally get rid of polio worldwide. The entire world is almost free of polio except for two countries - Afghanastan and Pakistan.

I had no idea until I saw this sign on the Eastern Prom Trail.


They have a program called Purple4Polio. When you buy a package of 25 purple crocus bulbs from the Rotary Club of Portland Sunrise, all proceeds goes to the Rotary International's Polio Plus program. Why purple? The color has long been the color of polio awareness because they would dye a child's finger purple when they got the vaccine.


Plus, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will do a 2-1 match which means a $10 donation becomes $30. The 25 purple crosuc bulbs are only 10 dollars and are ready for pick up in Falmouth. 


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