These days, it seems like everyone is reevaluating their career choices.  People who have been happily working the same jobs for decades are suddenly deciding they want to do something different.

In many of these cases, they have realized that the grass really is greener on the other side.  You have seen that your neighbors or classmates are taking vacations to the Bahamas while you are stuck scraping to pay your bills.

Brock Wegner / Unsplash
Brock Wegner / Unsplash

If you have been considering going back to school, and you want to make sure you are training for a field that will pay you well, we want to help.

Well, thanks to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have generate a list of the highest-paying jobs in Central Maine.

Not surprisingly, many of the highest-paid jobs in our part of Maine are medical-related, like surgeons/specialists, dentists, and optometrists, for example.  In addition to the medical jobs, many of the top-paying jobs in our part of Maine involve computers and finance.  One of the really surprising parts was the fact that at 35th place, lawyers were fairly low on the list.

Let us know your thoughts on this list.

The Highest Paying Jobs In The Augusta / Waterville Area

These salary estimates are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are current as of April of 2020.

Keep in mind that these statistics were from 2020, so the salaries could be even higher at this point.

In addition to Augusta and Waterville, much of Western and Central Maine is included in the list.  Some of the towns in the survey include Bath, Belfast, Boothbay Harbor, Farmington, Farmingdale, Windsor, Winslow, Unity, Union, Skowhegan, Norridgewock, Caratunk, Swansville, Sweden, Fryeburg, The Forks Plantation, and more.

Top Rated Yelp Restaurants In Augusta

Here are the top restaurants in the Augusta area based on Yelp reviews. The restaurants are listed in no particular order. As the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-evolving, please check with each restaurant for hours and more information.

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