Your dog called. He wants to go to the beach. Yes, he knows it's winter, but that means beaches have special off-leash dog hours so he can get some much needed fresh air and exercise. Load the pup into the car and get yourself to one of these dog friendly winter beaches. Trust me, you'll both benefit from the salty air and sandy shores.

East End Beach in Portland

Off-Season Hours: Labor Day to Memorial Day, 5 AM to 10 PM, off-leash play permitted.


Willard Beach in Scarborough

Off-Season Hours: October 1 to April 30, off-leash all hours.


Ferry Beach in Scarborough

Off Season Hours: After Labor Day to May 14, sunrise to sunset, off-leash all day except 1 to 3 PM.


Pine Point Beach in Scarborough

Off-season Hours: After Labor Day, sunrise to sunset, off-leash all day, except 1 to 3 PM.

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