Anyone else get sucked into HGTV type shows? It's total house-porn. It's fun to see these places and to dream of what could be. Being stuck at work I can't exactly escape with "The Property Brothers" or yell at the weird couple (who somehow have a budget of $750k when he sells shoe lifts and she's a stay at home ferret-mom), for choosing house #2 on "House Hunters" when house #3 was clearly the better choice, but what I can do is troll from the comfort of my desk.

I was curious about the homes in Central Maine, specifically Kennebec County. What's cheap? What kind of dream homes are available?

And boy did I find a couple of gems.

First, take a peek at the least expensive home in Kennebec County. This fixer-upper farmhouse in Pittston could be for you if you're up for a project! Located on a 3.5-acre lot this $19,900 2000 square foot home has a lot of charm, a two-bay garage, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. That's only $10 per square foot! The home features beautiful built-ins, large windows, and it looks like there's even a dishwasher in the kitchen! Sure it needs a lot of work but, hey! It could end up being your dream home. Or at least make a decent profit for you. "Flip or Flop", anyone?

343 Wiscasset Rd, Pittston

Renovations not your style? Did you recently become a millionaire off a scratch ticket like that one guy down in Kennebunk? Maybe this property in Monmouth might be more appealing.

It's turn-key ready but worth noting there is less land than the Pittston home at 1.4 acres at your disposal and, by the aerial view, lots of neighbors to contend with.

You'll get an in-ground pool in the backyard along with a beautiful outdoor fireplace and if that's not enough outdoor water fun, this is also a lakefront property. Can you see yourself on the deck with a cocktail looking over the lake? Paradise, I tell you! The master bathroom has twin vanities and a bathtub that I need in my life. Oh, and I did I mention the game room/man cave that features a movie theater and FULL BAR?! Shut up and take my non-existent money! This one is actually a steal as it's appraised for over a million dollars.

20 Cattail Ln, Monmouth

I feel like if you buy the above home because of this post, you're pretty much obligated to invite me over. Just saying.

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