Alright, it's time to channel our inner giggling school boy. While scrolling through a list of Maine's towns and cities, occasionally you'll come across one that makes you look around real quick, check if anyone is there to judge you, and then allow yourself to have a good chuckle. This is one of those times where we invite you to put your head IN the gutter! So in honor of wishing we all were still 13 years old, here's a list of the 9 naughtiest sounding town names in the great state of Maine.



A small town of less than 100 residents, Beaver Cove is located in Piscataquis County and is considered to be a piece of paradise nestled in with nature. Plenty of deer, moose...and beavers to be seen.


Located in Oxford County, Dixfield makes the claim that they are the only town in the United States of America to be called Dixfield. No research was done to confirm this, we're just going to trust the upstanding citizens of Dixfield.


Found in Lincoln County, Edgecomb is a small town that is home to Fort Edgecomb, which is a Maine State Historic site. But it's the pronunciation of Edgecomb by Mainers that pushes it on to the list. We'll let you figure how to say "comb" correctly....let us know when you finish.


Steeped in Native American history, the small island town of Isle au Haut is found off the coast of the similarly small town of Stonington. Isle au Haut is home to portions of Acadia National Park and didn't get phone service until 1988. But once again, it makes the list because of the way to pronounce haut...its not hat or hut...and if you need some help, Ludacris offers up this.


Known for their ATV and snowmobile trails, Jackman is a small town in Somerset county. They boast having 250,000 acres of Maine wilderness to explore and enjoy. If you're good with your hands and like the outdoors life, Jackman just may be for you.


You shouldn't slide into Canada without a little bit of Lubec first. A town of less than 1,500 people, Lubec is a landmark as the easternmost town in the contiguous United States. Lubec also boasts a brewing company, which is also the easternmost brewery in the U.S.


Meddybemps is a tiny town/vacation destination located on Meddybemps Lake in Washington County. Why is it on this list? just sounds like something you wouldn't want to wake up and find anywhere on your body. Sorry Meddybemps!


Part of the Winthrop Lakes region, Monmouth is a summer resort town located in Kennebec County. One of the landmarks in town is Cumston Hall, given to the town by a famous Headmaster named Charles Cumston. Now that is a Mon-mouthful.


Home to the Knox County Regional Airport, Owls Head is a resort and fishing area located on Penobscot Bay. If you want to feel the true beauty of its landscape, you'll need to venture to its highest point Post Hill, lay back and enjoy all Owls Head has to offer.


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