Have you ever wondered where the name of your hometown came from? Well, after a little research, I dug up the origins of a few of central Maine's cities and towns.

Do you know which city was named after a Revolutionary hero, or was named after a famous English author or a prominent Boston physician? Let's find out.... Gotta love the internet.

Augusta, Maine's capitol was named after Augusta Dearborn. She was the daughter of Revolutionary War hero, Henry Dearborn. Dearborn served under George Washington and was with Paul Revere at Fort Western. The fort was a staging used before the men continued their journey up the Kennebec to the Battle of Quebec.

The origin of the name of Waterville is pretty obvious. However did you know, it was once part of Winslow, where you can find Fort Halifax? The fort was built by General John Winslow in 1754.

The area now known as Gardiner was founded as Gardinerstown Plantation in 1754 by Dr. Silvester Gardiner. He was a prominent Boston physician, who was well known in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The city of Hallowell is named for Benjamin Hallowell. He was a Boston merchant and was a holder of land originally granted to the Plymouth Company by the British monarchy in the 1620s.

The town of Manchester is a simple one. It was named after Manchester, Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Monmouth was named after Monmouth, New Jersey.

The town of Sidney was named for Sir Philip Sidney, an English author.

The area now known as Winthrop, was originally called Pondtown, because of the areas lakes and ponds. In 1771 it was incorporated as Winthrop, named for the first colonial governor of Massachusetts, John Winthrop.

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