The short answer is 'yes'. However it's not quite as cut and dry all that. When Obama shut the government down during his administration, the ongoing precedent was that most IRS workers were furloughed and taxes would NOT be processed. That's kind of a big deal though. Last year alone the IRS paid out more than $147 billion in tax returns to more than 48.5 million US households. That's a lot of cheddar, ya dig?

Trumps legal team has figured out a way to not only get Coast Guard employees paid, but to also reopen some National Parks and, yes, get the IRS to process and send out tax returns. The dems aren't overly excited about this a may find a way to legally challenge this, but we'll see.

President Trump is set to address the nation tonight (1-8-19) in regards to the shutdown and, we're assuming, this will most likely be discussed.

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