Lewiston Police aren't saying exactly where in the women's locker room the device was found pending a full investigation into the matter, but they did say that anyone could have bought it at a store, meaning it seems to be a common item. Police also said they took the device to the state police crime lab Monday to see what they could find on it.

WGME.com reports that players and coaches from the women’s basketball team were in the locker room on Friday before practice when one of them found the device, according to campus officials.

Whoever put the device in the women's locker room could be charged with a Class D crime of violation of privacy.

The next step according to officials, is to determine exactly what type of device it is, see if there are any recordings or images on it, and then trace the digital footprint back to its owner. They are also looking into who had access to the locker room over the holiday break.




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