According to WMTW, four young students have been identified after extensive damage and vandalism occurred at Longley Elementary School in Lewiston.

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Jake Langlais, Lewiston Public Schools Superintendent, told WMTW that the level of damage was 'heartbreaking'.

The vandalism occurred Sunday night into Monday. According to the article, every room that was unlocked on the first floor of the school was damaged. The computer stations and art supplies scattered, desks overturned and spray paint on the walls and floors.

Langlais shared in an email,

“Bathrooms were damaged, equipment was beat up, including refrigerators, copiers, health care diagnostic mannequins, technology, planter gardens, and so much more toppled, destroyed, or covered in debris or paint,”

According to the article, Langlais and a contractor saw young students running from the school while they were looking at the damage and documenting it.

This space will be cleared and cleaned before the school year.

Langlais adds,

These are spaces that have been developed with great pride, built up to support our students and community for the betterment of the whole. I believe we have no better opportunity to restore it to something that is better than its prior condition

We will continue to follow this story.

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