A quick two hour drive from Central Maine, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, rises 6,288 feet into the New England sky.  While the views of the mountain from the valley below are impressive, the views from the summit are AMAZING!

According to Wikipedia, Darby Field was the first European (probably the first person, as the Native Americans felt the mountain was sacred ground that should not be climbed) to summit the mountain in 1642.

Beginning in the mid-19th century, the construction of the first road up the mountain made it a tourist attraction.  Thousands of wealthy Bostonians, escaping the summer heat of the city, visited the mountain and surrounding areas each summer.  At one point, the summit contained hotels, a post office, and even a seasonal newspaper.

As it is the highest point in New England, researchers flocked to the mountain.  A 231 MPH wind was recorded there in the Spring of 1934.  Until 2009, it stood as the highest recorded wind speed ever recorded!  The Mount Washington Observatory still operates as a year-round research station.

Now, you can drive the scenic auto-road to the historic summit.  If you don't have the nerves to drive the mountain, or don't want to put wear on your brakes and transmission, you can take a motorcoach ride (that includes a narrated tour).  Alternatively, you could also take a ride on the cog railway or even hike the mountain.

Check out this video of the Mount Washington Auto Road:

Here are some pics:

No matter what time of the year you make the trip, be sure to dress warmly.  There are days when it is 85 degrees in the valley, but 45 and windy on the summit.  It is definitely worth the trip!  On a clear day, you can see five states and Canada!

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