If you are looking for some ideas cocktail wise for the upcoming St Patricks Day look no futher than Damon's Beverage & Redemption family of stores.

Owner Donald Damon hosted another taste testing to give us some ideas with a variety of drink options.

We started off with a Maine wine from Dragonfly Farm and Winery in Stetson called Candle Waster which is a cranberry fruit wine that is best served chilled. It is very tart and is great on its own or can also be the base for a sangreia or spritzer.

Donald also introduced us to a Brazilian Passionfruit Liquer called Passoa, and a Irish Whiskey called John Sullivan

Our first taste test was of the wine on it's own. I descibed it as tart, fruity, and easy on the palette. Matt summed it up perfectly as an "adult juice box".

Next taste test was the wine with the addition of a little Passoa with a splash of lemonade to make a take on sangeria. Donald did say you could go the spritzer route with a little seltzer water added in.

Next was a test of just Passoa with lemonade as a nice punch option. We also tasted just the Passoa alone as I was not familiar with it. It is a low proof liquer, and like most liquers it is quite sweet.

We moved on to the John Sullivan Irish Whiskey and Donald was able to tell what distinguishes Irish Whiskey from other whiskeys. Personally I found it very, very smooth. Perfect for a slow sip, shot, or in a glass on the rocks.

Donald also had us taste a take on a "mule" that he dubbed an Irish Mule. It has the John Sullivan as a base with a little Gosslins Ginger Beer which really brings it home.

Speaking of home, you can pick all of the items we taste tested at four of Damon's locations that sells liqour including his newest store in Waterville.

You can view the complete video of the taste testing below and if you would like to find out more, check out Damon's Beverage & Redemptions website....CLICK HERE

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