It should come as no surprise that we're starting to see some pretty toast days ahead in the forecast. After all, the Farmer's Almanac did say it was going to be an above average summer for us here in the Northeast. That's above average temperatures of course.

Well, we've been pretty spoiled here in early spring with mild temperatures and no real late-season snow. Good for most of us, crappy for the skiers and snowmobilers out there.

According to WABI TV 5, our first toast day will happen tomorrow (Wednesday 5-26) and we'll see temperatures in Central Maine approaching 90 degrees by midday. This means it's time to start thinking about our pets. If you typically leave your dog out during the day because the weather has been so favorable for it, you should consider bringing them in by mid-morning on Wednesday to avoid any adverse health affects of the high heat index.

Also, with thunderstorms expected periodically throughout the day, you'll want to get those air conditioners in sooner rather than later. And by that I mean do it today! Don't wait until tomorrow when it's already hot and you're sweating your butt off lugging those heave things up from the basement.

I'm not saying you should play hookie from work, but if I were going to call out this week, it would definitely be tomorrow. Hanging by the pool is always better than a workday, right?

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