As of today, May 24th, the State of Maine has ended its indoor mask mandate.  Exceptions to the rule include medical facilities and schools / childcare facilities.

However, individual businesses are still able to require people to wear masks, if they wish.

So, which Maine businesses are requiring people to continue to wear masks?


The Following Are Still Requiring Masks

Belfast Co Op - We are hearing from listeners they will continue to ask people to wear a mask.

Supercuts (Western Ave in Augusta) - The salon is keeping their mask requirement in place, for now.

Unity Kitchen - due to the low percentage of those vaccinated in Waldo County they'll continue to require face coverings.


The Following Are No Longer Requiring Masks

Big Apple Stores - From what we have seen, the regional chain of convenience stores is no longer requiring masks be worn.

Cushnoc Brewing Company - As they have throughout the pandemic, they are following the CDC guidelines.  With the current change, this means they have dropped their mask requirement.

CVS - Is no longer requiring a mask for "fully vaccinated" customers.

Damon's Beverage & Redemption - They are no longer requiring masks.  However, if you feel more comfortable wearing one, they are asking people to do so.

Dollar General - They no longer require customers to wear a mask.

Hannaford Supermarkets - According to News Center Maine, they are no longer requiring customers to wear masks.

KV YMCA - They are no longer requiring people to wear masks, however

The Raging Bull Saloon - They will no longer be asking people to wear a mask.

Sam's Club - Just like with sister chain Walmart, they are no longer requiring masks where they are no required by state regulations.

Shaw's Supermarkets - As long as you have been "fully vaccinated" you are welcome to enter without a mask.

State Lunch (Water Street in Augusta) - In a statement, the owner said, "We have always followed the CDC guidelines and will continue to do so if and when they change. As of now we will not be requiring masks at State lunch and look forward to serving our guests and doing our part to to keep them and our team safe as we always have."

Target - Nationwide, they have chosen to drop the requirement for "fully vaccinated" people unless it is mandated by local or state government.

Walgreens - The pharmacy chain is no longer requiring "fully vaccinated" customers to wear a mask.

Walmart - Nationwide, they have chosen to drop the requirement unless it is mandated by local or state government.

Wander Pizza (Western Ave in Augusta) - they have a sign up saying masks are no longer required, but they do ask people who not full vaccinated to continue to wear a mask.

Do you know of any businesses that are still requiring masks?  Tell us about them.  Either message us through our app or on Facebook.

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