According to News Center Maine, Windham's Michael Mercer is a U. S. Navy veteran and former law enforcement officer who has created a non-lethal self-defense device specifically designed to protect people when they are in their vehicles.

The clever device, known as F3, is a vehicle-mounted pepper spray dispenser.  The dispenser, which is magnetic, sticks to the hood or roof of a vehicle.  It is attached to an 18 once bottle of pepper spray via a plastic tube.  If the driver feels they are in danger, they can pull the safety pin on the cannister and squeeze the handle to spray pepper spray around the vehicle.

Mercer envisions marketing it to law enforcement, government agencies, truck drivers, and civilians who frequently go into high crime areas.  In theory, the device will protect drivers and passengers without permanent injuring (or killing) attackers.  In an interview with News Center Maine, Mercer said he does not feel there are enough less-than-lethal options.

In addition to his time in the U. S. Navy, Mercer was a police officer and a chemical agent specialist.

We wish him and his business partners all the best with his new project.

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