According to WMTW, a 14 mile stretch of Route 201 running from the Moose River to the Maine / Quebec border has been named the "Worst Road In Maine".

Jackman's William Jarvis won the $529 prize for submitting that section of road.  As chief of the Jackman Fire and Rescue Department, Jarvis frequently travels the road.  According to him, the road's poor condition has prevented some tourists from visiting that part of Western Maine.

The award comes from the Maine Better Tansportation Authority.  Established in 1939, they are a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the state's transportation network.

According to a recent Maine Infrastructure report card 18% of Maine's highways are poor or worse.  That's 1,530 miles of the 8,700 miles of state highways in the state.

Runners up in the contest include Route 202 west of Sanford, Route 1A in Fort Fairfield and parts of Route 1 in Washington County.

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