Roadhouse Lou, longtime supporter of the Kennebec Valley Humane Society, and former member of the Moose Crew, is helping us celebrate our 30th Anniversary, by bringing back a huge fundraiser.

Nearly 20 years ago he helped raise funds for the KVHS by living in a kennel for a few days. Next week (starting June 19) he is doing it again. The goal this year is to raise money for the Christopher Walter Second Chance fund. He'll be staying in the kennel through Thursday (June 22nd) morning.

Lou joined us on the Moose Morning Show with more info. Check out the interview above.

Here's how you can donate: Paypal, text, phone, or stop by KVHS, Pet Haven Lane in Augusta. Lou and his kennel mates, Max and Scooby, would love to see you.  For donation details click here.

You'll also be able to visit Lou at Fast Eddie's Express Car Wash at lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Wednesday, The Red Barn will be hosting a Roadhouse Lou Second Chance fundraiser.

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