Well Im not there yet but I do ponder what my retirement will eventually look like. What about when I get too old and it seems like a retirement home is the only option.... I just may follow in the footsteps of Terry Robison and retire to the Holiday Inn.

You see Terry being 64 is a lot closer than I am to this issue and he has put more thought into it as well...so much in fact that he has determined that the way to live out his "golden" years would be much better spent spending them at a Holiday Inn rather than a retirement home.

Terry wrote on his Facebook that the average cost of nursing home care is about $188 per day. A long-term stay at the Holiday Inn, on the other hand, is $59.23 per day, with his senior discount as well.  So that leaves him $118+ extra per day to spend on other stuff. Oh, and that includes breakfast and afternoon happy hour most days.

CLICK HERE to see his full insights...he may just be on to something!


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