One of the big things the experts are telling us to reduce the spread of any bug is to keep your hands clean and don't touch your face.  HUMMMM....I am able to keep my hands nice and clean but not touching my face is so...HARD.

We touch out faces about 25 times an hour…times an hour. That is what Good Housekeeping had to say.

Just being more self-aware of the behavior. I found this from I will tell you first hand it can drive you crazy. As I am working on being more self-aware I realize just how much we touched our faces. It is such a basic human behavior.  Find something other to do with your hands…sit on your hands…paint your nails…a stress ball…whatever makes you more aware of what you are doing with your hands.  There is more you can do to protect yourself than just not touching your face.  You can wash your hands more frequently and avoid people who are sick and avoiding larger groups of people.  Even if you do all the things the CDC tells you to do…there are no guarantees.

Me? I am going to the pet-store and getting a big cone of shame. THAT will work!  :)

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