All this talk of the coronavirus, flu (which had killed over 19 people in Maine this flu season), and germs in general. Let's keep things clean as our most simple line of defense. I found a number of videos about keeping your world cleaner and safer. There is also a little advice from me! Let's start with some videos from the World Health Organization

One: Wash your hands.

Two: Get or make some hand sanitizer.

Three: Give your house a good cleaning.

Four: Clean that PHONE!  And take it out of its case. Clean phone and case separately and let dry thoroughly before you put them back together.

Five: Watch what you touch! This is just advice from me. Try not to touch your face; mouth, nose,eyes. is hard. Sneeze into your elbow not your hands. We touch our face SO often you may not realize it.  Don't bite your nails.  Now what else are you touching?  What door knobs or drawer pulls are you touching? Shopping carts? Remotes? Appliances? Computer keyboards and accessories? ATMs? Self check kiosk? Gas pumps? Just pay attention and clean those areas or wear a pair of disposable gloves.

OH and did I mention...WASH YOUR HANDS!


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