New Year and time to start thinking about filing those state and federal tax forms from 2020. YAY!  Please note the sarcasm on that.  

Today is January 26, and as of today, there is no extension on filing your taxes. They are due April 15, 2021. Usually, you can start filing your taxes at the end of January, but this year it will February 12 to begin filing with the IRS. But keep an eye on your email and mailbox. The information you need is starting to roll in.  My tax form from work is ready and they sent me an email on how to get it and some info just arrived yesterday as snail-mail. 

The stimulus payments are not taxed, and if you received less than you were due, that can increase your refund or cut what you may owe. If you filed electronically, it will take up to three weeks to get your refund, if you are getting one.  Remember, if you received unemployment in 2020 that money is taxable, just a reminder in case you did not have taxes already set aside from those funds.  

As for filing that tax info old school…paper forms, that is a bit more of a 'project' nowadays, you can call your post office or local library to see if they have any. If you know what forms you need, you can order them by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676), or print them out from the IRS website, The IRS website also has all the information about the forms and what goes where. You can download the booklets that would typically go along with the forms. 

As for the State of Maine forms and information, you can download those forms from the website.

Happy tax season!


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