Bye-bye boobies, thanks for the mammaries, ta-ta to the ta-tas….OH, what to call this next adventure for me. It is all just a cute name because I am having breast reduction surgery on January 14th.

Here is the deal.  I have had neck and back pain for adult life. (Just for the record, that is a long time) I have done fancy bras, exercise, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and substantial weight loss. Yes, they helped, but still, knots in my shoulders that are like rocks, the pain in the small but ever so essential muscles of the upper spine, the headaches that I can feel are connected to my neck muscles and even eye pain.  This procedure is not something a doctor ever recommended to me. I needed to advocate for myself so I had to ask and make the decision that was best for me.  I had to get my primary care to make the referral, get the insurance company to review it, and decide it was medically necessary. Based on the doctor’s notes and history, they did approve it.

So here I am….less than two weeks away from this surgery… and I have a lot of thoughts and feelings I will be sharing. The biggest is I am freakin’ scared.  I have had medical procedures before…the most invasive has been laparoscopic. This is a cut-into-the-flesh-and-get-a-bunch-of-stitches type of surgery.

I will have more to say on the things that are going on in my heart and head on this but for now, if you run in to me and I am a little freaked out...this is why.


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