There are few things in life that truly bring a sense of community normalcy. One of those few things is being able to pick up the phone and dial those famous numbers to place an order for some of the best chicken and seafood around. Of course I'm talking about 623-9485. That's the number to one of the most successful take out joints this state has ever seen- The Red Barn.

Today, owner and local rockstar Laura Benedict, announced they were closing 'until further notice'. Laura explained via the company's Facebook page that even though they could remain open for takeout orders, the safety of her staff and her community was more important. And though we love our weekend family meals from 'the barn', we couldn't agree more.

Hopefully, as Mainers hunker down and attempt their best at social distancing, these trying times will pass by quickly. After just a few days of facing the unknown, we already long for life to return to normal here in Central Maine and across the nation.


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