This question always sparks a fire.  But I think it's something worth taking into consideration.  Schools across the country require their students to wear a uniform or follow a strict 'dress code'.  But should they?  Look, I'll be upfront and honest with my opinion.  YES.  

Do I think having a dress code would solve issues like bullying?  No.  But, I do think requiring a uniform, or dress code, does make sense for other reasons:

  • It prepares you for the workforce where a dress code is required.
  • In most cases, a dress code is more affordable.
  • Teaches kids to take pride in their appearance...face it, not all kids do.

There is a difference between a dress code & a uniform.  I am more pro dress code and less on the uniform.  A dress code allows you to have some say in what you wear, while a uniform dictates what you will wear.

What's your opinion?

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