According to WMTW, one very determined Maine Firefighter rode his bike in his full gear to raise money for the Maine Cancer Foundation, but most importantly, to spread hope and love.
His name is Robert Stine, he is a West Paris Firefighter and he managed to stay riding his bike for 12 hours, the article states. 
This event was at the Jibe Cycling Studio, and it was a Spinathon to raise money.
I personally have worn full firefighter gear, and it was at least 80-100 pounds of equipment on my body. So biking for 12 hours is not easy.
Robert was able to open up to WMTW about what his beautiful purpose was to raise awareness on this.
He said,
Cancer impacts everyone. Last year, my father was taken by this beast. This year, I have my mom's dear friend, Darlene Beauregard, in mind; she is battling for the third time. My heart goes out to you, Darlene.

He gave thanks to the people that supported him the most and expressed his feelings in such an open and honest way.

As the article says, this was the third year for the Spinathon at Jibe Cycling Studio in Portland.

This beautiful ride managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Maine Cancer Foundation in the last three years.

What an amazing way to tribute those you've lost and those you are always fighting for.

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