The New England Patriots are poised to win their sixth consecutive AFC East division title and their 11th title in the past 12 seasons in the Belichick/Brady era if they can beat the Miami Dolphins this Sunday.

The Dolphins are playing for their playoff lives at 7-6 and they are one of our three teams who beat the Patriots this season when they bested the Pats in South Beach, 33-20. So what will it take for the Patriots to squish the fish at Gillette on Sunday?

First and foremost, they need to protect Tom Brady by staving off the Dolphins pass rush. Whenever the Patriots have lost this season, they failed to protect Brady and stunted the running game. While this may seem unlikely given the way the Patriots have played for the past few months, the Patriots know they cannot take the Dolphins lightly.

Dolphins Wide Receiver Mike Wallace better break out the suntan lotion because he is going to spend the better part of his Sunday afternoon on Revis Island. Despite the injuries the Patriots have sustained to the defense, they should be able to get plenty of pressure on Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

If the Patriots win Sunday, there is sure to be a whole of fish frying happening at tailgate parties at Gillette Stadium and across Patriot Nation. What better way to clinch another division title than to stick it to the fish and dash their playoff hopes!

Kick off is at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Go Pats!

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