Since its creation in 1977, Natty Light has become one of the most successful selling beers in America, and now they're giving back. The company has promised to give away over $10 million in the next 10 years towards student debt. And, with March Madness under way, they are getting into the mix with their new #NATTYSIGN campaign to help pay down the college debt for one lucky 21+ fan with the most creative and attention-grabbing sign.

In order to get the money you must:

  • Create the most attention grabbing sign with your total amount of college debt.
  • feature the Natural Light green dollar-sign tab.
  • and your sign must have #NATTYSIGN on it.

Finally, send that photo via DIRECT MESSAGE to Natural Light Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, of yourself with the sign at a sporting event, and include #NattySign and #NattyContest. The contest runs until April 8th.

Good luck!

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