There is no question that education can be the key to a better life for many people. For adults looking to go back to school, or finally getting around to making that transition to college can be faced with many difficulties ranging from costs, to developing new learning habits that may be rusty.

Now, thanks to a new partnership between the Maine Community College System and the Maine Department of Education, adults will now be able to tap in to tuition-free college courses for Maine’s adult education students.

According to the Maine Community College system website, this new opportunity focuses on adult education students, and expands the option to allow adult ed students to take a college course with the full support of their adult education program mentors so they can develop the better habits, more skills, and the confidence that many need to succeed in a college environment.

According to Maine Education Commissioner Pender Makin:

“Maine’s adult education programs have assisted thousands of Maine adults in making a successful transition to college, with this new partnership with the Maine community college system it takes it to the next level by giving students the chance to try a college course with the support they need. We are excited to see the impact it makes for our adult education students.”

This new collaboration will now allow adult education programs to work with adult students and help them to choose a course at a community college, and offer them the guidance for the course selection to ensure that is appropriate for their college and career goals they have in mind for themselves. Beyond that, this partnership also offers the support the student needs as they complete the course. The hope is that adult students will choose to continue their education once the course is completed.

MCCS President Dave Daigler:

“This is an opportunity for us to encourage and connect with adult students throughout Maine, the hope is that students can choose courses that align with their individual career goals and that we can help provide that motivation and support to continue on once they complete their adult education program.”

How does this translate into FREE? According to the press release, tuition and fees for the courses are provided by the Maine Community College System and the Maine Department of Education’s Office of Adult Education will provide textbooks and course materials for students.

If you would like to get involved or learn more, adult students will need to be enrolled in a Maine Adult Education program first and foremost to take advantage of this opportunity. So the first step is to contact your local adult education program and find out the next step needed to take advantage of this generous offer.

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