I grew up in the best neighborhood in the world. At least, in my mind it was the world's best neighborhood to grow up in. I am talking about Mayfair, on the East Side of Augusta. It was a new neighborhood and it was a tight neighborhood. Everyone knew everyone and I made friends growing up in Mayfair that I am still friends with today.

50 years ago, the summer of 67 was a summer of innocence for myself and my friends. We were all too young to work, so we played baseball. Lots of baseball. Farm league, little league, wiffle ball home run derby in someones back yard, pick up games; you name it and we played it.

The Summer of 67 was also the summer of the "Impossible Dream", the year the Red Sox changed baseball in Boston forever. Led by Carl Yastrzemski and Jim Lonborg, the Sox came from a 1966 9th place finish in the American League to win the pennant and take Bob Gibson and the St Louis Cardinals to 7 games in the world series. What a summer and we didn't miss many games on the radio, or on the rare occasion they were on TV, it was must see TV. I remember getting the album "The Impossible Dream" for Christmas that year and I wore it out.

But enough about me and my childhood. I know the reason you have read this far is because you want, you NEED to know my picks for the divisions, wild card, and playoffs. (I write with tongue firmly implanted in cheek) So without further adieu...let's begin.

American League

AL East: Boston Red Sox (did you really think I would pick any other team?)

AL Central: Cleveland Indians

AL West: Houston Astro's

AL Wildcard: Toronto Blue Jays


National League

NL East: Washington Nationals

NL Central: Chicago Cubs

NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wildcard: San Francisco Giants

Not many surprises, I know, and I will throw out another prediction. Red Sox/Cubs in the World Series. There. I said it! Take it to the bank. Or not. Who do you like this year? Feal free to comment on our facebook page.

Let the games begin tonight. For this kid from Mayfair, it is the most wonderful time of the year!


The one constant through all the years is baseball. A clip from the 89 Movie "Field of Dreams"

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