Minimum wage has been a hot topic in Maine for the last few years as well as across the country with movements such as Fight for Fifteen and a handful of politicians promising a "living wage", although what a "living wage" looks like can vary depending on who you ask.

Mainers are on their way to seeing at least $12 an hour on their paychecks starting next year as the state's minimum wage goes up another dollar.

Salaried employees will see a change as well with a $3,000 increase from a $33,000 salary to $36,000 in order to qualify for exemption from the overtime pay requirement, according to WMTW.

This was all part of a plan that was voted through in 2016 after minimum wage in the state hadn't been changed since 2009. The minimum wage has gradually grown since then from $7.50 an hour to $9, $11, and finally, $12 according to Bangor Daily News.

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