Not only is making false reports to 911 illegal, it's also extremely dangerous. Dangerous because it pulls valuable resources away from other potentially serious calls.

According to WABI this isn't the first time that Joseph G. Dubay Jr. has done this very thing. Authorities arrested Dubay after receiving a 911 call that a Snowmobile had gone through the ice on Crystal Lake in Gray. When first responders arrived at the scene, they found Dubay sitting in his car waiting and watching the emergency response.

After determining that the 911 call had been a hoax they took Dubay into custody. Turns out he had made the 911 call from a 911-only cell phone, meaning it wasn't connected to a service plan to make any call except of course for emergency calls to 911.

Investigators also determined that this call was very similar to 3 other 911 hoax calls dating back through 2019. Dubay has been charged with four counts of making false public reports

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