Willie Nelson's songs often feature content about taking in the local color while traveling—however, there is a strong possibility that the singer hasn't seen a sight anything quite like this in his many years out on the road.

A woman in Virginia named Beth Bays recently created a 15-foot-tall replica of Nelson ... made of hay. While the Nelson replica is not her first soiree (she previously has made characters from The Wizard of Oz) the Nelson replica— dubbed "Will-Hay Nelson" — is among her most notable.

Bays told several news outlets "This one seems to be everyone’s favorite by far. My cousin joked that I might have to quit now because I’ll never be able to top this."

Bays opened up to The News & Advance about how the replica of the "On the Road Again" singer was made, saying, "The basic shape was easy and only took three bales to do. However, there was a lot of detail work with sculpting the arms out of chicken wire and making the guitar from a huge piece of Styrofoam I came across a few years ago and saved in my barn."

"I also had to make a nose out of chicken wire because Willie has a very prominent nose and I wanted to get that right."

Bays also detailed how the community gets together every year to sing songs that are related to the sculptures and how this year a local musician, Dave Owens, switched up the lyrics to one of Nelson's most known songs.

"I changed ‘On the Road Again’ to ‘On the Farm Again,’” Owens said laughing. “It’s always a good time." Watch the video above, in which (of course!) "Will-Hay" makes a prominent appearance!

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