Not even old enough to have a 'regular' driver's license, 15-year-old Garrison Leeman, a freshman at Erskine Academy, has a special license that allows him to drive for work and to and from school.

It's pretty safe to say that he's youngest contracted plow truck driver in the state of Maine. He has a 15-mile contract with the town of Palermo. His dad, owner of the company, has a contract in Montville.

Leeman says that as a freshman with major responsibilities when it snows, both his friends and the school principal (Headmaster) think it's really cool and support him 100%.

If you're wondering what his qualifications are, Garrison spent over 400 hours last year alone in the plow truck with his dad, Justin Leeman- the man Garrison hopes to take the business over from one day.

If you have a problem with a 15-year-old out on Maine roads doing this kind of work, you can chill right the heck out. Garrison seems like a wicked cool dude- and hey, this is what we do out here in this neck of the woods.. we drive big Dodges and push lots of snow. And besides, most of us are driving around the yard by the time we're 10 anyway.


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