It is cold and snowy but Maine currently only hold the #5 spot for the worst winters in America. Last year had Maine as #2.  See what the had to say below.

Here is what the had to say....
More than 80% of Maine’s land is forests. There are entire huge thousand-mile swaths of land that are uninhabited or barely habited, and that is because northern Maine has winters that are only really spoken about in Game of Thrones -- brutal and never-ending and likely on par with The Long Night.

The coast and the south where people actually live have more moderate winters, thanks to the Atlantic, but the Mainer attitude towards winter is a great one -- they all seem pretty fired up to ski and sled despite not getting to eat lobster or blueberries for many months -- and they tend to be much more upbeat than say, us Bostonians, who always like to pretend that we’re getting it the worst and thus are the strongest. And that attitude (and the general lack of people in the real harsh stuff) prevents Maine and its Longest Winters from pushing even farther down the line.

Who had higher rankings?  North Dakota, Alaska, Michigan and Minnesota. Can't argue those to much!

Just remember....spring is coming!


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