Haloween may be the king of the candy holidays, but Valentine's Day is right up there as a time to give the gift of candy. As the day of love gets closer and closer, CandyStore.com compiled a list of the top candy in each state, and honestly, I think Maine's is kind of boring.

How did they come up with the results? CandyStore.com used sales data from their online store over the past 12 years, along with some sales data from their partners, to determine the top 3 candies in every state. So this is by means is the ultimate list of candy favorites, but it does have some weight.

The number one candy in Maine turned out to be chocolate hearts. Boring if you ask me. In at number two was the Ghirardelli gift box and number three, sadly, is the once very popular conversation hearts. Why have they dropped so much?

The company that made the original Sweethearts Conversation Hearts was the former Massachusetts based NECCO, makers of the classic NECCO wafers candy. For years, the hearts were essentially just thicker NECCO wafers shaped like hearts.

In 2018 they went out of business and the NECCO brand was bought by Spangler Candy Company, the makers of Dum Dum lollipops and Circus Peanuts. Spangler has promised a return of both the conversation hearts and NECCO wafers, but so far has not begun production. Since this data is based on sales over the past 12 years and two of them have seen no sales of conversation hearts, its clear why they have dropped.

Here's an interactive map from CandyStore.com that will show you the favorite candy in all the states. Just hover over or tap the state for the results.

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