According to WABI TV 5, the Maine State Police are still investigating a death that they are considering suspicious.

Last week in Presque Isle, Maine, the Maine State Police Bomb Squad was called in to investigate what was being called a 'suspicious package'. Additionally, there was a deceased person that had been discovered inside the residence.

After investigating, officials were able to determine the package was in fact a pipe bomb. The bomb team was able to locate and disable the device, then allowing investigators to retrieve the body from the Parsons Street house.

Parsons Street, Google Earth
Parsons Street, Google Earth

WABI is reporting that police are still in the process of investigating the details around the death and why the deceased was in possession of an unexploded pipe bomb.

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Police have since determined that the device was in fact homemade and did belong to the deceased.

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The press release from Maine Department of Public Safety Spokeswoman, Shannon Moss, went on to say in part;

The Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating the suspicious looking package. On Thursday, August 18, 2022 the Maine State Police Bomb Team and Fire Marshal Office responded to a residence on Parson’s Street in Presque Isle for reports of a suspicious device. The device was a pipe bomb. The bomb team retrieved the device and made it inoperable. FMO investigators began conducting an investigation in an effort to determine who had the device and how it got there. Investigators have since determined that the device belonged to the deceased and that it was handmade.  The investigation is still on going.


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